The K–12 Mathematics Curriculum Center has been working on two projects relating to the selection and implementation of mathematics textbooks:

The Mathematics  Instructional Materials Study at EDC

EDC was funded by the NSF to engage in a mixed-methods study of 10–12 school districts’ implementation of elementary mathematics instructional materials. This research project builds on earlier work and will look specifically at the relationships between district and school level support for implementation and the effects on use and student outcomes. Learn more about this implementation project.

Effective Use of Mathematics Instructional Materials

This applied research study sought to investigate mathematics textbook selection, with particular attention to the decisions curriculum leaders make as they navigate the selection process and the key factors affecting these decisions. Given this era of accountability it is not surprising that state standards and tests were highly influential in crafting an initial set of materials for consideration. Additionally, we found that the context in which decisions are made is also critical. Learn more about this textbook selection project.